Spirax Sarco, a steam system engineering and management company, has expanded its product line to include a range of bellows seal valves including BSA and A3S isolation valves. These product solutions are engineered to maintain plant safety and save energy by eliminating stem seal leaks. This exciting release will help oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage customers save energy and ensure operator and plant safety.

“As environmental sustainability continues to move to the forefront of discussions in the industrial space, the need for all plants to reduce environmental emissions will become more pressing. Our range of bellows seal valves enable us to offer a solution that will address this challenge, and our competitive pricing and lead times will encourage customers to choose Spirax Sarco.” said Jennifer Carlino, steam plant essentials product manager.

Source: Spirax SarcoSource: Spirax Sarco

According to Carlino, Spirax Sarco's BSA valve range is a flexible and user-friendly isolation solution that includes a throttling plug that allows manual regulation to adjust line pressure and flow. It can also be used as a basic control valve or a substitute for "bypass" lines. The high integrity A3S bellows sealed valve is suitable for use under higher pressure steam, gas and liquid applications as it is designed to ASME Class 800.

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