SV Microwave Inc. has added even more connectors and cable type options to its Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder.

Now with new sub-miniature A, sub-miniature push-on micro, 2.92 mm and VMEbus International Trade Association 67.3 sub-miniature push-on sub-micro connectors, plus a new SuperFlex Ø.047 in radio frequency cable option, the Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder has over 300 possible combinations. As always, custom-build and order a cable assembly and it will ship in five business days.

In addition to these new additions, the Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder offers the same benefits it always has, including:

  • Instant PDD of a chosen cable assembly
  • Option to print and view a specified cable assembly datasheet
  • Option to share a selected cable assembly with the click of a button
  • Option to view a combination's possible mating connectors
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