Unlike common Ethernet cables, Cicoil’s highly flexible Cat 6A cables are rugged, halogen-free and flame retardant (HFFR), free of contaminants and perform exceptionally well when continuously flexed and exposed to extreme temperature conditions (-65° C to 165° C). This combination of features makes Cicoil Cat 6A the ideal Ethernet cable choice for mission critical aerospace applications.

Cicoil's patented extrusion process allows four individually shielded 28 AWG 100 Ohm pairs to be placed in a small, flat profile, precisely controlling the spacing of each component, insulation thickness and the overall cable shape. As compared to other Cat 6A cables, the Flexx-Sil rubber encased cable design allows for easy stripping and a significant decrease in cable prep time. The Cicoil cable is also compatible with standard Source: CicoilSource: Cicoilhand-held manual and automated stripping and crimping equipment.

While meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Cat 6A standard, Cicoil’s Cat 6A cable is designed to provide high speed data transmission rates of 10 Gbit/sec, frequencies of 500 MHz and above average suppression of electromagnetic interference, especially in continuous flexing applications. In addition, the unique outer jacket is also self-healing from small punctures and will not wear, crack or deform due to long-term exposure to vibration, rigors of supersonic flight, sunlight, acid, submersion in water, sea ice, steam, coarse sand, flames, radiation (107 Roentgens), alcohol, mechanical stress, humidity, ozone, UV light, autoclave and many chemicals.

In repeated flexing applications, the space saving Cat 6A cable features a repeated bend radius of just 0.9 in, and a cycle life exceeding 10,000,000 repetitive flexing cycles. Individual Cat 6A cables can be stacked in a cable track and through the use of Cicoil’s On-line Cable Configurator, multiple Cat 6 cables as well as other components, can be incorporated into a custom made single flat cable design.

Cicoil's Crystal-Clear, Class 1 Clean Room Rated Cat 6A Cables are low outgas (NASA 1124 and ASTM E595-93), RoHS and REACH compliant and are cured continuously, with no debris or material impurities in an automated, climate-controlled environment. The HFFR cables also pass UL/CSA VW-1, FT 1 and FT 2, UL 94V-0 flammability testing, HL1 and HL2 levels of EN 45545-1 and FAA burn testing.

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