A tech company that manufactures street sweepers has introduced an autonomous street sweeper, replacing current diesel-fueled street sweepers.

The Trombia Free from Trombia Technologies can autonomously clean streets using its lidar-based machine vision technology and corresponding algorithms, which enable the machine’s safe and accurate localization.

According to its developers, the autonomous street sweeper uses 15% the power used by current sweeping technology and is 15 times more cost effective. Likewise, it offers a quiet solution to the louder vehicles currently in use and it handles everything from heavy mechanical debris to fine dust. Additionally, its developers report that the fully electric autonomous sweepers can work through all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

A fleet of the sweepers, which can be operated by one remote person, will be trialed as part of a pilot program in 2021.

To see how the autonomous sweepers work, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Trombia Technologies.

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