The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), a nonprofit group dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of refrigeration technology by promoting natural refrigerants in the grocery sector, has launched a relevant resource library.

Natural refrigerants, including carbon dioxide and ammonia, are a climate-friendly and future-proof refrigerant alternative to hydrofluorocarbons, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, for supermarkets. Their widespread adoption is hindered by various market barriers, including high upfront cost premiums, a shortage of workforce training and lack of performance data. The NASRC Resource Library was developed as an educational tool to help the supermarket industry, policymakers and environmental stakeholders learn about natural refrigerants and overcome these barriers.

In addition to natural refrigerant general information, the library content covers refrigerants and the environment, incentives and funding resources, energy performance, workforce development and training for contractors and technicians, cost data, best practices, case studies, codes and standards, and global, federal and state refrigerant policies and regulations.

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