The increased demand for broadband capacity spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic has translated into increased installation activity for fiber optic cable developer AFL. The company has provided broadband access to thousands of customers in Europe by doubling its deployment of AccessWrap dielectric cable over the past two months.Source: AFLSource: AFL

The lightweight cable is wrapped directly onto a phase conductor of up to 50 kV by use of a specially engineered spinning machine. AccessWrap is installed on existing power line infrastructure, alleviating land use constraints while providing connectivity where terrain and line-of-sight issues make wireless service less reliable.

More than 32,000 km of SkyWrap, a fiber optic cable helically applied on ground wires or phase conductors, and AccessWrap have been installed globally. While AccessWrap allows installation over medium voltage distribution lines, SkyWrap can be installed on high voltage transmission lines up to 300 kV. AccessWrap provides fiber counts up to 48 and SkyWrap has up to 288 fibers.

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