The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded $100 million to eight companies to develop and demonstrate aviation technologies that reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise under phase two of its Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN II) program.

Recipients are Aurora Flight Sciences; The Boeing Co.; General Electric (GE) Aviation; Delta TechOps/MDS Coating Technologies/America’s Phenix; Honeywell Aerospace; Pratt & Whitney; Rolls-Royce-Corp.; and Rohr Inc./UTC Aerospace Systems.

Spanning five years, CLEEN II will build on the original CLEEN program, a part of the FAA’s efforts to make aviation more environmentally friendly. The CLEEN II program goals include:

  • Reducing fuel burn by 40% relative to the most efficient aircraft in service in 2000;
  • Cutting nitrogen oxide emissions during takeoff and landing by 70% over the 2011 International Civil Aviation Organization standard without increasing other emissions;
  • Lowering noise levels by 32 decibels relative to the FAA Stage 4 noise standard; and
  • Expediting the commercialization of “drop-in” sustainable jet fuels through support for the fuel approval process.

The FAA says that CLEEN II will nurture technologies through crucial phases in their maturation including full-scale ground and flight test demonstrations.

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