Source: ZincInSource: ZincInA collaboration between tech companies has resulted in the development of new fast-food trays composed of recycled ocean plastic waste infused with antimicrobial properties that keep the trays constantly clean.

Norwegian company ZincIn developed the trays using plastic fishing equipment, such as ropes and cages, recovered from the ocean and integrated with an antimicrobial element inspired by the human immune system, developed by tech company Parx Materials.

Infused with the antimicrobial element, the trays reportedly have more than 99% fewer germs than food trays already in use at fast-food chains.

The development has emerged in step with the gradual reopening of restaurants all over the world following closures related to COVID-19. The so-called germ-free trays are initially expected to be available in a handful of unnamed fast-food chains, according to reports.

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