The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the Defense Department has issued a solicitation for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that could detect fluctuations in a soldier’s behavior.

Responsible for bringing emerging technologies to the U.S. military, the DIU has launched project “Vigilant Keeper,” which seeks to develop predictive AI that can detect signs that suggest vulnerabilities in a soldier’s behaviors from underlying factors such as trauma, depression, and mental health and psychological issues.

Behavioral fluctuations, lost consciousness, or threatening or suicidal behaviors, for instance, could potentially impact a soldier’s teams, units and missions, particularly on the battlefield, jeopardizing the safety of troops or resulting in mission failures. However, with predictive AI, the DIU believes that those behaviors would be caught much earlier, and the appropriate interventions could potentially be administered.

According to the solicitation, DIU is looking for technology that can classify, organize and analyze datasets and offer insights into behavior so that the military can better support troops who are demonstrating vulnerabilities.

The deadline for submissions for the Vigilant Keeper project is May 15.

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