The SV160E2 integrated servo motor from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) expands their line of motion controllers beyond stepper technology. The SV160E2 incorporates a servo motor, drive and controller in a single unit and is ideal for both new machinery and retrofit applications.

Source: Advanced Micro Controls Inc.Source: Advanced Micro Controls Inc.SV160E2 features include:

  • Servo motor, drive and controller in one package
  • 0.5 Nm continuous torque, 1.3 Nm peak torque
  • Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet
  • Integrated, dual-port switch
  • Programs using PLC’s native software
  • Simple performance tuning
  • Dynamic torque control
  • Safe torque off (optional)
  • Absolute multi-turn encoder feedback

Additional software is not needed, since everything is programmed from the PLC using the controller’s native software. Additionally, configuration files (EDS and GSDML) and sample programs help to streamline the product's initial set-up and programming.

AMCI’s integrated motors are sold in partnership with leading names in the industry including Rockwell Automation (listed as an Encompass Product), IDEC Corporation (offering an integrated solution for the FC6A MicroSmart PLC) and Wittenstein (partnered to sell gearboxes).

About AMCI
Founded in 1985, AMCI is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer with a global presence. AMCI industrial control products improve PLC-based automation systems with specialized position sensing and motion control technology that simplifies automation and adds reliability to manufacturing processes. AMCI designs and manufactures all of their products, enabling superior quality and innovation. The company provides 24/7 technical support staff, ready to answer questions about installation, configuration and operation of all AMCI products.

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