The enhanced GenCell IoT Remote Manager platform offers a powerful and flexible environment for developing and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications to enable constant automated monitoring and to effectively track and manage complex and dispersed power infrastructures. The company said its platform serves as one integrated solution that can quickly and efficiently connect multiple G5 devices, user devices, legacy infrastructure, control equipment and sensors using different standards, protocols and technologies. Communications can utilize industrial and proprietary protocols. Communications, security, data management and business processes can be effectively handled via scalable cloud-based architecture or private server, while the platform incorporates web and mobile remote monitoring and robust control applications to execute varied asset management and distributed power generation functions.

The platform allows users to monitor and measure external sensors and equipment and easily access third-party controls. Connected systems can enable the automated start up and shut down of equipment. Real-time alerts and alarms enable immediate diagnoses and corrective action; real-time adjustments optimize performance. In addition to the pre-defined HMI, and pre-defined alerts and interfaces, software updates in the enhanced version of the platform allow the user to independently expand and customize their monitor, alerts, interfaces and reports to better meet their tailored, specific needs.

The enhanced platform offers “Health Monitor” capabilities by collecting additional information from the fuel cell controllers such as temperature, CPU, memory and disk readings. Users can create alerts on any of the fields and include them in user-configurable reports. Moreover, the platform has expanded its capacity for two-way interface with third-party applications using APIs; it has the ability to communicate with third-party equipment via TCP, RS232, RS485 and SDI using a variety of protocols such as Modbus, SDI, ANSI and DNP.

The IoT Remote Manager offers rich functionality to monitor and control fuel cell performance in industry-specific scenarios. For example, when the G5 backs up a power utility substation, the IoT Remote Manager can execute optimal monitoring and protection of the recloser equipment, recording past trip alarm and control events. Full visibility into and control of Fluke, Elspec and other field power quality analyzers and controllers enables optimal quality diagnostics and preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. By configuring real-time alarms using cellular units with GPS functionality that activate upon any attempt of theft, the Remote Manager can protect transformers; applying door and panel sensors can prevent break-ins to remote equipment. The platform can be configured for remote meter readings, recording values, alarms and control events to enable the utility to understand trends and make real-time adjustments to optimize performance.

In the illustrations, the GenCell IoT Remote Manager controls and monitors a cellular telecom base station. Collecting data from sensors connected to the fuel cell generator, network equipment, air conditioning units and temperature gauges at the BTS, the platform enables remote supervision of the station, providing alerts and reports for key performance indicators such as humidity, temperature, access control, power management and fire detection.

The GenCell IoT Remote Management Solution allows telecoms and tower operators to effectively collect operational intelligence and supervise multiple unmanned remote base stations from one central location. The software collects all relevant data from the fuel cell generators and any connected devices regarding power consumption, grid quality, electrolyte levels, temperatures and other KPIs. Smart lock sensors can set off alarms and generate alerts via message, mail or pager in case of any site intrusions or damages.

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