Direct steam injection heating systems from Pick Heaters provide precise temperature control of liquids and slurries with the ability to maintain temperature within a 1° C for a number of inline heating applications.

Direct steam injection systems are easy to install when medium to high-pressure steam is available. They are compact, light and highly efficient. The latent heat of the steam is completely absorbed by the process stream and Pick states that their DSI systems can cut fuel costs by 28%.

Pick’s DSI units operate at a noise level below 85 dBA. They are environmentally safe, non-flammable and eliminate corrosion concerns with indirect heating methods.

In the chemical industry hot water is required for a number of batch reactions. In these applications DSI heaters provide temperature control and a rapid response, which reduces cycle time and increases productivity. They can also be used to dispense gas into a liquid, mix condensate steams or to heat a large-capacity, closed-loop vessel.

Pick Heaters is a leading manufacturer of DSI Heating Systems. They produce DSI Heaters in 10 standard sizes with liquid flow rates up to 5,000 gallons per minute and steam flow rates up to 50,000 lb/hour.

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