When it comes to designing and planning your compressed air system, sometimes there just isn’t room in the plant for a compressor room; and especially one that provides adequate ventilation, reasonable intake air quality and temperature, and room for maintenance. Kaeser’s custom engineered compressed air systems are the perfect solution for customers with installation limitations.

Custom Engineered Solutions are compressed air, blower and vacuum systems built to specification in custom enclosures or on skids and designed for exceptional reliability, maintenance accessibility, and superior energy efficiency.

Kaeser’s team of design engineers works with you to determine your system needs, select the optimal mix of equipment and then design a skid, container or custom enclosure to suit the operating environment. Using the latest in CAD technology, we can create detailed P&I schematics, dimensional, and even 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the proposed system to facilitate installation planning.

Complete systems with compressors, blower packages, boosters, vacuum packages, compressed air filters, refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, condensate management, piping, and more are selected according to your application.

These complete turnkey systems greatly reduce onsite planning, installation costs, and time since there’s no need to build a new compressor room or add on to an existing building. This eliminates the many expenses and delays associated with construction permits and inspections without sacrificing safety or quality.

Available with different levels of weatherization and to meet any ISO Air Quality Class, these engineered air solutions meet Kaeser’s rigorous “built for a lifetime” standard. Custom engineered solutions can be installed indoors or outdoors and can even be moved between jobsites.

The capabilities for these custom engineered solutions are as varied as our customers’ needs. Customizations include but are not limited to weather hoods, cabinet heaters, ducting, full system enclosures, high dust filtration, and much more for a wide range of climate zones, pressure ranges, and air quality needs.

These systems are built to meet the most demanding and challenging installations. Whether for plant air, instrument air, low or high pressure, or even vacuum, they are designed and built to deliver the air you need with the exceptional reliability you expect from the Kaeser name.