Netherlands-based additive manufacturer Beamler BV has partnered with startup cryptocurrency Erecoin to deliver blockchain-based security for additive manufacturing (AM).

Erecoin was inspired by AM work co-founder Konstantin Steinmüller did while at CAE-lab GmbH. Steinmüller found that AM bureaucratic issues such as validation, trust and security between suppliers, distributors and manufacturers were more challenging than the actual engineering. AM powered by blockchain will eliminate many of these uncertainties to resolve AM legal and technical questions. The blockchain will ensure trustworthy and efficient evaluation of business relationships between all parties. Although Erecoin is leveraging its blockchain expertise in this case, it is also a cryptocurrency, with its initial coin offering slated for Feb. 18.

These validation issues are paramount for Beamler, whose main product is a database that connects users with global AM services. Adding blockchain to the platform helps customers feel assured they contract with a vetted, reliable additive manufacturer. The Beamler platform also lets users know if their project is feasible, accounting for 642 types of AM machines, 853 types of AM materials including metals, in 431 manufacturing locations.

"Soon we can offer our customers not only 642 machine types and 853 material variants, but also the clear statement: We are blockchain-ready,” said Willem-Jan van Loon, Beamler CEO.

This news was originally reported by Metal AM.

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