Aceinna's new video shows how to measure dynamic tilt and orientation with an IMU.

With cars getting smarter and evolving to autonomous navigation, there is a real need for accurate, dynamic, orientation data from the vehicle. Orientation is just another way of saying dynamic tilt and heading.

Aceinna's new video shows how to integrate an IMU for dynamic tilt and orientation measurement. The algorithms must combine both acceleration and angular rate measurement, and using an extended Kalman filter is a good way to use acceleration to smoothly correct drift of angular rate measurement and also provide an absolute reference.

The OpenIMU Development hardware development kit includes JTAG-pod, precision mount fixture, EVB and an OpenIMU300 module. The OpenIMU module features Aceinna’s 5°/hr, nine-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer sensor suite with an onboard 180 MHz ARM Coretex floating-point CPU. The IMU is delivered in a small (24 mm x 37 mm x 9.5 mm), easy-to-integrate module that operates from 2.7 to 5.5 V DC.

This freely downloadable stack includes:

  • FreeRTOS-based data collection and sampling engine
  • Performance-tuned, real-time, navigation-grade GPS/INS Kalman Filter library
  • Free IDE/compiler tool chain based on Visual Studio Code
  • JTAG debugging for debugging code loaded on IMU
  • Data logging, graphing, Allen Variance plots and maps
  • Extensive documentation
  • Robust simulation environment with advanced sensor error models

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