The health of critical equipment dictates the success or failure of an operation across a wide range of industries. To mitigate the risk of equipment failure, maximize uptime and improve maintenance scheduling, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) has become a pivotal tool for improving operational efficiency.

John Deere’s WorkSight Solution

Construction machines are arguably the most critical asset in the building and construction industry and to mitigate operating cost idle time is eliminated. Excavators, cranes, grading machines and other capital equipment are monitored through a connected environment and manufacturers are selling more than just a machine: they are a solutions provider that offers construction technology. Vital statistics like operating hours, maintenance schedules and machine health alerts, which were previously only available through direct connection to the vehicle computer system, are now remotely visible.

John Deere’s WorkSight Solution is just that. It is a suite inclusive of hardware, remote diagnostics, fleet management solutions, operational management solutions, mobile applications and machine health monitoring.

John Deere machines are now outfitted with rugged, dependable hardware that enables remote machine monitoring through JDLink Telematics. Through JDLink, operators can optimize equipment utilization, remotely read and clear diagnostic codes, record equipment performance data and log maintenance activity. Apps are offered for iOS and Android devices so that alerts and diagnostic codes can be shared or re-routed to crew members, along with machine location.

John Deere WorkSight is a construction equipment diagnostic solution available for all John Deere machines and is also offered as a fleet monitoring solution. With geo-reference data, operators can prevent theft and easily recover stolen assets. Fleet managers are equipped with the data to eliminate idle time and maximize uptime, while identifying the right equipment for each operation, as key metrics including payload and engine load are recorded to maximize profitability.

WorkSight is a field-based solution that works in all environments. It is offered with a dual-mode option for connectivity through cellular networks or through a satellite uplink, addressing equipment needs in remote environments.


The building and construction industry, however, is not alone in IIoT solutions for remote diagnostics. IIoT remote diagnostics are trending across multiple industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial equipment, transportation, utilities and healthcare. Solutions providers like Tech Mahindra have developed remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions that are customizable for a wide range of applications.

The increased insight available to operators and maintenance managers through the IIoT has achieved unprecedented efficiency opportunities.