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  • 8 impossible things: Report identifies research priorities at the intersection of biology and engineering

    Transformational priorities are identified where engineering and biology can have an impact while contributing to an inclusive research community.

  • Building science competition challenges US students

    New student challenges seek building solutions that target electrification, decarbonization and resiliency.

  • Reshaping Engineering Challenge 2023 launched by Engineers Without Borders UK

    Engineers Without Borders U.K., the international organization dedicated to globally responsible engineering, has opened applications for the second Reshaping Engineering challenge.

  • An EPIC approach to combat plastic pollution

    EPIC Academy combines sustainable technologies, education and skills training to convert plastic pollution into economic value.

  • Global Water Academy now open to all

    Initially developed for PepsiCo associates responsible for managing water resources, the course will now be open to individuals outside of the company.

  • Video: Enter the Engineering for People Design Challenge

    Now in its 12th year, the Design Challenge has reached over 60,000 undergraduate students across Cameroon, South Africa, the U.K., Ireland and the U.S.

  • ASME launches R&D Pulse content platform

    ASME has introduced its newest member-exclusive benefit, R&D Pulse.

  • Twitter and Pinterest co-founders back Swedish startup Chroma

    Chroma Studios is aiming to be a platform for a unique, sound-driven experience that is drawing on the creativity of artists.

  • Top 5 opportunities for students at the start of each semester

    Explore five hidden opportunities for growth that happen at the beginning of a fresh semester that will help college students get or stay on track.

  • A student's guide to internships and co-ops

    Both industry and research facilities see the advantage to a student who has solved real-world problems.

  • Podcast: Acoustic Apps platform created for learning simulations

    Topics within the apps range from airborne sound, structure-borne sound, air acoustics, physics of waves, musical instruments and more.

  • Welding camp empowers girls to enter manufacturing, STEM fields

    Chicago-area GLoW camp teaches middle school, high school girls how to weld, grind and cut metal.

  • Dear discouraged engineering student

    The trick is to connect with why you are here and then to work smarter.

  • Can AI improve professors and lessons?

    Can machine learning and AI improve the effectiveness of teachers and professors by providing them with useful data throughout the course?

  • For students considering an engineering degree

    Whatever led you to consider engineering, I think it will be important for you to know what it means to be an engineer.

  • How to train 21st Century engineers

    The trick is to strike a balance between two very important aspects of engineering education: strong technical foundations and market demand.

  • Open letter to the engineering student

    Some friendly, nostalgic advice to the current crop of engineers in training.

  • Back to Engineering School (August 15-21)

    Budding engineers are returning to campuses nationwide, as undergraduates and graduate students continue their education. Whether you are looking for some advice, or curious about developments in engineering education, Engineering360 has you covered.

  • How to keep factories cool in summer heat

    Not all factories have the luxury of air conditioning during the summer, but there are some creative things engineers and management can do to try and keep everyone calm and cool.

  • Best summer vacations for engineers and their families, part 2

    Whether getting outdoors is the main focus or visiting a STEM exhibit is top of mind, there is something for everyone across the country this summer.

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