Broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion and automation technologies

Physik Instrumente (PI) is a global leader in precision motion and automation technologies, including linear motors, piezo motors and mechanisms, hexapod six-axis parallel kinematic alignment platforms, air bearing gantries, hybrid drives and multi-axis nanopositioning systems.


  • Piezo motors: 0:05
  • Hexapods: 1:24
  • Piezo flexure mechanisms: 3:01
  • Linear motors and gantries: 4:23
  • Tools for super-resolution microscopy: 5:49
  • Fast automated photonics alignment technologies 7:22


Nanopositioning systems

These stages are capable of providing nanometer-size steps and below. PI offers different concepts for different applications, from ultra-precise and fast flexure stages for small travel ranges to large air bearing stages and exotic maglev systems.

Gantries, linear motors, precision air bearing stages, components and systems

Air bearing motion systems with linear motors provide frictionless motion with excellent guiding precision (flatness/straightness) over long travel ranges and with high load capacity. PI's air bearing stage designs are based on more than 200 man-years of experience.

Hexapod six-axis positioners and motion platforms (Stewart platforms)

Hexapod parallel positioners provide extremely versatile multi-axis motion in all degrees of freedom. They are based on a six-axis (XYZ, Pitch, Roll, Yaw) actuator system, arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform. PI Hexapod positioners and motion simulators have many advantages over conventional multi-axis stages, such as improved dynamics, a smaller package size and higher stiffness.

Piezo mechanisms: stages and positioners, flexure direct drives and piezo motor long travel designs

Several piezo-based positioning concepts. Flexure-guided stages provide the highest precision and speed but are limited to typically less than a 1 mm travel range. Several piezo motor concepts are offered for long travel ranges. Ultrasonic piezo motors provide higher speed, PiezoWalk motors excel in force generation, and stick-slip motors are very compact and cost effective.

Precision automation stages and actuators

A large variety of linear and rotary stages and actuators for precision automation is available. Several drive technologies, three-phase electromagnetic motors and voice coil linear motors provide high-speed long travel and long service life. Custom gantry systems with mechanical bearings and air bearings are also available.

Photonics alignment and automated fiber positioners

Fiber alignment/photonics test automation systems come in different flavors from compact XYZ motorized fiber positioners to fully automated six-degrees-of-freedom hexapod alignment systems with controller and software. Integrated closed-loop piezo scanners provide an extremely fast response for the shortest possible alignment times.

Digital controllers/ACS automation controllers

Closed-loop positioning and motion controllers for piezo systems and linear motors are the key to high-performance motion. PI provides a very large spectrum, from miniature OEM modules to compact digital-servo bench top controllers. The high-end multi-axis controllers are based on ACS modules with EtherCat connectivity with advanced servo algorithms.