Source: TecnotionSource: TecnotionA new series of frameless torque motors feature low axial heights and high torque densities. With diameters up to 78 mm and a range of stator heights in each size, they are flexible enough to fulfil the needs of device miniaturization.

Tecnotion QTR65 and QTR78 series frameless torque motors, like their existing QTR motors, offer high torque density but in a smaller package. Featured at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 conference the new design incorporates a new rotor design with an enlarged inner diameter that accommodates hollow axles, even with a motor diameter as small as 65 mm.

The new frameless torque motors were designed for a range of applications from medical devise, robotics, and machine tooling to semiconductor applications. They have brushless commutation, continuous torque ranging from 0.3 to 4.7 Nm and a speed range from 410 to 6200 rpm. They also feature flying leads to help maximize design flexibility and ease of integration along with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.