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Permitting and pollution costs associated with fossil-fired fuels have driven large-scale oil and gas operations, petrochemical plants and power generation facilities to explore alternative process heating solutions as they scale operations to address increased energy demands. Traditional low-voltage electric process heating solutions are highly efficient, provide precise temperature control and carry a low carbon footprint. However, implementing high heat duty low-voltage systems carries significant overhead. Chromalox introduced DirectConnect™ technology to address installation and life cycle costs of multi-megawatt electric heating systems.

Chromalox’s DirectConnect medium-voltage control panels and electric heating systems are a revolutionary technology that capitalizes on the advantages of electric process heating while addressing the pitfalls of low-voltage, high-amperage designs.

Electric process heating provides on-site pollution-free operation, which eliminates the need for costly pollution control devices and heat recovery systems. Electric process heating allows for direct heating of process fluids and elimination of waste heat, and provides precise temperature control delivering heat on demand. The unprecedented repeatability and set-point accuracy of electric heat allows operators to realize efficiency gains and eliminate excess overruns traditionally supplied by a fuel-fired system. Electric systems also enable near-perfect heating efficiency across the entire operational range and large turndown ratios, which are significantly higher than possible with fuel-fired equipment.

Traditionally, the trade-off for implementing operationally efficient low-voltage electric heating systems is the significant increase in installation and operating costs, which reduces the return on investment as the power requirements reach a megawatt or more. Chromalox’s DirectConnect process heating solutions are designed to minimize those operating expenses and installation costs. They deliver unprecedented efficiencies while reducing installation costs, maintenance costs and power losses — an ideal solution for applications greater than ~1 MW (~3-4 MMBtu/hr).

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