Honeywell Process Solutions launched its Honeywell Connected Plant Uniformance Cloud Historian. The product is a software-as-a-service cloud hosting approach for enterprisewide visualization and analysis. The company says the historian is intended to help customers improve asset availability and increase plant uptime.

The historian collects, stores and enables replay of historical and continuous plant and production site process data, and makes it visible in the cloud in near real time. The historian combines a time series data store with a big data "lake," which Honeywell says will enable data scientists to uncover previously unknown correlations between process data and other business data.

Uniformance Cloud Historian is built on the Honeywell Sentience internet of things platform, which means that other applications and services can be added.

Honeywell says the historian should make it faster and easier for users in industrial plants to access, analyze and leverage data to improve plant and enterprise performance. It also may help reduce the costs typically associated with hosting resource-intensive applications with cloud and data lake technologies.