Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd. Oy has announced the release of the first mobile hyperspectral camera, Specim IQ. The camera enables users in industries as diverse as food and beverage, health and forensics to analyze material samples in the field. The device officially launched on November 30 in Helsinki, Finland.

Example applications for Specim IQ include real-time crop analysis for farmers, improved crime scene processing for investigators and immediate forgery detection in the art sales world.

Hyperspectral imaging combines spectroscopy and digital imaging and is the best available measurement technology for demanding measurement applications. By enabling spectral analysis down to the pixel level, it provides unprecedented capabilities for analyzing the physical and chemical make-up of both large and small samples.

Hyperspectral imaging has been limited in industrial applications due to bulky equipment and lack of real-time information. Specim believes Specim IQ will change this trend.

“Specim IQ is a truly smart design which enables users to concentrate on problem solving rather than complex data acquisition and processing,” says Esko Herrala, one of the founders and innovators behind Specim. “The graphical user interface is simple to use, and it provides instant measurement results and insights into the problem without requiring complex mathematics or signal processing skills. This makes Specim IQ an ideal OEM product for medical, cosmetics, and other industries.”

“We are very excited to present a next-gen device that can help solve many of the world’s pressing problems in the future,” Herrala added.

Specim Spectral Imaging is headquartered in Oulu, Finland. Detailed product information can be found at Specim’s website.