The LS04-XS pneumatic valve. (Source: Aventics)The LS04-XS pneumatic valve. (Source: Aventics)The LS04 spool valve series from Aventics (Laatzen, Germany) is only 10.8 mm wide, providing compact, lightweight valves well suited to direct assembly on moving machines. The valves assist with precise positioning of, for example, tools mounted on robot arms and deliver a minimal switch-on time of 9 milliseconds.

The nominal flow is 200 l/min for the LS04-XS and 170 to 310 l/min for the LS04-AF. The pneumatic valves are available with pipe connection diameters of 4 and 6 millimeters and are equipped with both two-pin and three-two round plug connectors (M8). A plug connector diameter of 10 millimeters determines the minimum width of the valve series; a status LED indicates the switching state of the valve. The especially compact version LS04-XS (XS for extra small) can be operated as a single solenoid 5/2 directional valve. With the standard version LS04-AF (AF for all functions), developers can choose from 5/2, 5/3 and 2x3/2 directional valves with all of the classic functions.

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