The BlueSky GPS firewall. Source: MicrosemiThe BlueSky GPS firewall. Source: MicrosemiMicrosemi Corp. has introduced its BlueSky GPS firewall that helps protect critical infrastructure against GPS spoofing and jamming threats.

The firewall can be deployed in-line between any standard GPS antenna and stationary GPS receiver to provide protection against GPS signal incidents, both intentional and accidental, before it enters a GPS receiver system.

The firewall filters the GPS signal in real time, removing anomalies before the signal is sent by the downstream GPS receiver. Microsemi says this creates an intelligent and secure barrier against jamming and spoofing as well as prevents the GPS receiver from being impacted by such incidents. Using the device does not require any new cabling or alteration of the pre-existing antenna installation and is interoperable with standard GPS receivers.

Furthermore, the firewall incorporates an Ethernet interface for remote management and monitoring and includes a secure web interface that any browser can use for configuration and set-up of the device, Microsemi says.

Microsemi is offering an evaluation kit for the GPS firewall with delivery expected to begin in November.

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