New features have been added to vibratory conveyors – Iso-Flo®, Impulse®, Horizon™ and Marathon – offered by Key Technology (Walla Walla, Wash.) for food processing and packaging lines. Together with established features that promote food safety and equipment durability, an innovative new grounding arm, label stand-offs, sanitary drives and Vector-Lock™ Gen 2 ease use, reduce maintenance and maximize sanitation.

The patented grounding arm is made of a single stainless steel structure. Unlike braided wire rope with (Source: Key Technology)(Source: Key Technology)crevasses which can harbor bacteria and a crimped ferrule that can fail, the single structure, smooth texture and open design of this grounding arm enhance sanitation and improve durability. Mounted to Key’s StrongArm™ spring arms to dissipate static between the conveyor bed and frame, the equipment presents no horizontal surfaces where liquid, product or particulates can pool. It comes standard on new conveyors and can be retrofitted to existing systems in the field.

Label stand-offs are superior to traditional riveted plaques, which can trap bacteria, and adhesive stickers, which can peel off after repeated exposure to wash-downs. Each conveyor’s identification, specifications and stroke indicator are laser-etched or stamped onto stainless steel and the colorful ISO safety pictogram labels utilize epoxy based baked finish over stainless steel. All these new labels consume less surface area and are attached to the conveyor with stand-offs to reduce laminations, which eases cleaning and improves sanitation.

The oil-free drives that can be used to power Key’s vibratory conveyors have been redesigned. A smaller footprint and a more open mount, which reduce the lamination area, make these maintenance-free drives more sanitary.

The new Vector-Lock Gen 2, used to secure removable screens and covers on Key’s vibratory conveyors, eases use and achieves better clamping. With a larger hook, a bigger radius and additional over-center latching for more positive engagement, the clamp enables quick release and quick closing while maximizing load carrying capabilities to secure screens and covers on even the heaviest conveyor systems that handle today’s highest capacities. Simplified geometry makes the new clamp easier to latch, inspect and maintain. It is interchangeable with previous generation Vector-Lock screen clamps and compatible with legacy conveyor platforms, so customers with installed systems can upgrade their conveyors in the field.

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