Renesas says it has built a microcontroller (MCU) for use in instrument clusters found in connected cars that can deliver a safer and better driving experience.

The MCU group, RH850/D1x, is designed for entry and mid-range cars and can support a range of instrument cluster systems, from the combination of gauge control and LCD to the graphics found in higher-end vehicles. Renesas says this chip will integrate gauge control, graphics display and functional safety.

"As the infotainment system becomes a purchasing factor for new vehicles, particularly for the mid-range vehicle segment, car makers are looking to suppliers to help them bring high-performance, differentiated options to market," says Amrit Vivekanand, vice president of automotive at Renesas Electronics America.

"This means solutions that offer high graphics content with functional safety, at the same time supporting multiple instrument gauge clusters, in a cost-effective manner,” he says. “The RH850/D1x group of MCUs was created to help designers reduce time-to-market while increasing reusability of software, to streamline software development periods and reduce development and maintenance costs."

New key features of this chip include: reduced system BOM cost, scalable development offerings, intelligent development, support for head-up displays and functional safety.

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