Technology to evaporate and treat produced water that oil and gas companies generate in the fracking process was developed by Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. in partnership with Hydrozonix, a water quality management company.

The companies joined forces in response to recent demand for a viable, efficient and long-term solution for managing water sourcing and wastewater treatment in hydraulic fracturing.

The U.S. has vast reserves of oil and natural gas, which now are commercially reachable as a result of advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies. But as more hydraulic fracturing wells come into operation, the stress on surface water and groundwater supplies grows more demanding. Withdrawing large volumes of water used in the process requires up to one million gallons (3,780 m3) of fresh water per wellhead to complete the fracking process alone.

Injection of produced water into disposal wells has negatively affected some areas, as evidenced by recent incidents where the injection has induced earthquakes in Oklahoma and Ohio. As a result, some areas have placed restrictions on the injection of produced water into disposal wells, leading to a lack of capacity and high disposal prices for produced water.

Hydroflare technology takes natural gases produced by the fracking process and uses it to provide energy to evaporate this produced wastewater. The patent pending produced water evaporator can be used as a permanent installation or a portable device. It can be installed directly at the wellhead to eliminate all transportation costs associated with produced water. There will be a salt/solid byproduct that will require disposal, but at a significant volume and cost reduction over produced water.