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Fasteners and liquid adhesives are not going to disappear, but for many applications their replacements are already here. Bonding tapes, used in products that require assembly, mounting, fastening, or sealing provide high bonding strength and can even compensate for different thermal expansions and contractions between parts — helping to maintain bonds during varying temperature cycles.

Bonding tape is often used in place of mechanical fasteners (rivets, bolts, screws and welding materials) because of its high strength, ability to withstand a high level of vibration and its durable seals against environmental conditions. Compared to fasteners, bonding tapes are faster and easier to apply, obsoletes the need for drilled holes which could cause leaks, and require much less labor time and cost to apply.

Foam bonding tapes are giving design engineers more solutions for demanding assembly needs than ever before. And the best foam bonding tapes are only available from the world-leading Saint-Gobain Foams and Tapes.

Discover the difference in your applications by reading our full white paper, Bonding Tapes: A Strong Option for Many Applications (.pdf).