Smalley’s wave springs are unique flat wire compression springs that replace traditional coil springs in load-bearing applications. The thin, crest-to-crest design of Smalley’s wave springs reduces spring height and manufacturing material usage without compromising function; wave springs provide the same force and deflection as ordinary coil springs with the benefit of enhanced precision.

Relying on bending instead of torsion for efficient functionality, the light-weight wave springs come in a variety of models, each providing specific benefits. Wave spring types include:

  • Crest-to-Crest (Multi-Turn) Wave Springs (with or without Shim Ends) – Reduced operating height and spring cavity save up to 50% in axial space
  • Single Turn Wave Springs – Available in both gap and overlap styles, these springs save radial space by clinging to the bore
  • Wavo® Springs – Provide higher forces, accurate loading, and greater deflection than single turn springs
  • Nested Wave Springs – Multiple pre-stacked springs from a continuous filament, these springs are suitable for high loads and higher force applications
  • Interlaced Wave Springs – Two or more multi-turn springs laced within one another to increase spring rate
  • Linear Springs – Springs laid out in a straight line for load bearing, securing elements, and creating resistance

While specific benefits differentiate the types of wave springs, every model boasts two advantages over stamped competitors: space savings and costs savings. By flattening instead of coiling, the spring wires take up minimal space, while permitting complete control over section parameters. The compact operating height reduces assembly, materials, and production time, all of which result in cost control.

With over 50 years of experience, Smalley is your one-stop shop for custom springs and rings. We offer more than 4,000 standard spring materials and sizes, as well as a No Tooling ChargesTM policy on custom designs. At Smalley, we understand that you may require unconventional springs for one-run productions; we’re happy to adjust our designs to meet your specific needs.

For a more in-depth look at Smalley’s Wave Spring technology and custom capabilities, we invite you to download our free eBook, Designing with Wave Springs.