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The record numbers of parts representing today’s industrial production require short cycle times, high reliability and the greatest possible accuracy. These parts are smaller, made of diverse materials, and often feature an inherent degree of difficulty, which only efficient and reliable automation systems can overcome. Automation systems that provide fastener feeding and driving capabilities, from handheld systems to robotic screw driving cells, are no exception.

Whether delivering rapid pin insertion, small and large screw driving, specialty fasteners and rivets, or fast and precise robotic assembly, one company concentrates all of its efforts on fastener feeding and driving—enabling fast, high quality parts, as well as a workplace environment that is safe for your employees. That company is Visumatic.

Visumatic’s new corporate video relates the story of its creation, its passion for innovative technology, and what makes it the unique go-to company that you’ll rely on when you want to increase productivity and keep your lines up and running. Visumatic believes that its successful and innovative products also started with a story—a client with a need.

Visumatic works closely with its customers. After the initial discussion, the process progresses quickly from a paper order to 3-D modeling, a CAD print package, crafted machine parts, assembly, testing and on to the delivery of your customized solution. Each department at Visumatic is involved in the process, from electrical and mechanical engineers, assembly, production, purchasing, service, sales and machinists that operate lathes and drills. You have a team of experts that both create and support your efforts.

Visumatic’s creatively engineered automatic feeding and driving assembly equipment assists in the installation of screws, nuts, bolts, pins, and specialty fasteners and provides solutions that are designed to enhance each customer’s process, enabling that process to be faster, better, and safer. By using a customized system approach, many inherent challenges are mitigated. This approach addresses such elements as bolting, loading, boltholes, potential vibration, impact fastener loosening and more.

The company’s offerings include hand-operated guns that automatically load screws for machine operators, fixed systems and robotics specifically used with high volume, high torque or exotic fasteners, and modular components representing bullet-proof, ready-to-use gear for machine builders. All equipment is backed by a 100%, six-month unconditional guarantee, supported by a dedicated on-call customer service group.

Within the rapidly exploding industrial manufacturing realm that Visumatic targets, feeding and driving equipment supports what sometimes turns out to be the weakest link in manufacturing—how products are fastened together. The company concentrates all of its efforts on the challenges involved in feeding and driving equipment, rather than dilute its efforts and resources in the development of other types of products. Globally, fewer than 10 companies address this market segment and Visumatic stands alone in its 50-year history of providing the highest levels of innovation and above-and-beyond customer service and support.

So, watch Visumatic’s new corporate video and then bring it on. Tell us your story about what you’re ready to achieve and we’ll put Visumatic’s smart-machine technology in your hands, delivering unique equipment that is creatively engineered for smart customers like you.

Visumatic Industrial Products

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