The University of California, Irvine is poised to convert its on-campus buses to an all-electric fleet. The student-funded and -operated Anteater Express shuttle service is acquiring 20 buses from BYD (Build Your Dreams) for $15 million.

The 20 electric buses will feature UCI colors and emblems.The 20 electric buses will feature UCI colors and emblems.The vehicles are expected to roll onto campus for the 2017-2018 academic year, joining a hydrogen electric bus. Undergraduates voted to pay up to $40 per quarter to the Associated Students of UCI to cover the bus purchase and other costs. Individual rides are free.

Going all-electric supports the University of California’s pledge to emit net-zero carbon greenhouse gases from buildings and vehicles by 2025.

The hydrogen electric bus doesn’t emit carbon—neither does the battery electric bus, says engineering professor Scott Samuelsen, who heads the National Fuel Cell Research Center. He says that while the production of hydrogen power and plug-in electricity does generate carbon dioxide, technology advances may make those energy sources carbon-free in the next few years.

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