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There’s a lot of talk today about “Made in the USA” and for good reason: While many U.S. companies may still be headquartered in America, their products are made elsewhere. We realize that in some cases this is essential, but it’s not inevitable: Remke has always manufactured its industrial cord connectors, wire mesh grips and molded connector products in America, and we have no intention of making them anywhere else. Now or ever.

That’s a strong statement but we’re standing by it, as we have through good times and bad, in one of the most competitive sectors of the electrical industry, for more than five decades. We’ve not only maintained our product quality and customer support along the way, but also we’ve substantially improved them. Today we offer more than 3500 standard catalog items to serve both existing and emerging applications, and we’re continuously finding and implementing ways to make it easier than ever to work with Remke. That’s why some of our first customers are still customers today, an accomplishment in which we take great pride, because for more than 50 years they’ve had plenty of alternatives. And some of our initial products are still in service today.

Manufacturing in America offers big advantages for Remke customers and, frankly, for Remke too. It allows us to control all facets of design, development and manufacturing in our facilities near Chicago rather than performing design in one place, prototyping in another, and manufacturing someplace far away. That lets us maintain consistently high quality and rapidly meet the needs of new applications with products that are typically more economical than our competitors' products as well. It also makes it possible for us to rapidly respond to even the most unusual requests very, very quickly.

For example, who hasn’t had the experience of finding at the last moment that connectors have been taken for granted throughout a system design, only to become the final piece of the puzzle for which there seems to be no quick solution? It’s a classic problem and one that Remke has built its reputation by solving. Remke has always focused exclusively on connectors and their associated components and nothing else, and we’ve developed a level of expertise unrivaled in the industry. That means we’ve probably encountered a challenge like yours before—and even if we haven’t, we’ll put our Engineered Solutions team to work on the problem (we call it “people on demand”) and come up with a solution fast, typically in just a few days.

That’s not something most connector companies want to be “bothered” with, but it’s a Remke specialty. So if what you’re looking for isn’t in our catalog, we’ll create it based on our vast library of designs—with the highest quality in the industry, and without non-recurring engineering costs, even if you need only small quantities.

There’s really no great mystery or “secret sauce” to our success. It simply comes down to serving our customers, no matter how difficult the technical difficulty, delivery requirement or any other challenge. Plenty of companies make claims like this, but everyone at Remke lives by them, and it shows.