Moog Inc. — a leading manufacturer of electric and hydraulic motion control systems for aerospace, defense, industrial and medical applications — recently launched its latest series of direct operational valves (DOVs). The new D92x and D93x series offer a variety of benefits and are designed to provide high performance, reliability and ease of integration, making them an ideal choice across a range of applications.

One of the key advantages of Moog DOVs is their comprehensive set of standard features. With a design that prioritizes high vibration resistance, these valves deliver longer service life and minimal machine downtime. Furthermore, their innovative electronic design not only reduces thermal stress but also extends the lifetime of the electronics, enhancing the overall durability of the valves.

Source: MoogSource: Moog

The compact design of the D92x and D93x series valves enables easy integration into existing systems, minimizing space requirements and streamlining installation. This makes them ideal for industries such as metal forming, die casting, blow molding, heavy industry and more. In addition, the valves are designed to offer flexibility and easy replacement, ensuring a seamless transition from traditional supplier products with minimal effort.

The D93x servo-proportional valves, with their spool-in-bushing design, are tailored for applications requiring higher dynamics, while the D92x proportional valves, featuring a spool-in-body design, are ideal for applications demanding higher flow rates. This enables users to choose the valve that is most suitable for their specific requirements.

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