Dispensing systems manufacturer Aptar Beauty has introduced its new customizable aerosol actuator, dubbed Maya.

According to the manufacturer, Maya features a clean design and a fully customizable top surface that lets brands incorporate logos, finishes or sensorial actuation to improve the consumer experience.

Source: AptarSource: Aptar

The actuator includes a secure and easy-to-use twist-to-lock system, thereby making it suitable for on-the-go applications and ensuring safety during transit.

Further, the hoodless design reportedly leverages up to 56% less material compared to traditional actuators with an overcap.

The actuator is designed for dispensing spray or high-powder formulations and is adaptable across a range of spray applications.

The company suggests that it is particularly effective for products such as hairsprays, deodorants, body sprays, and solid powder formulations including dry shampoos, foot sprays and antiperspirants.

For more information on the actuator, visit the Aptar Beauty website.

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