The broad range of PRT slewing rings offered by motion plastics specialist igus is being expanded with the introduction of a new wood-plastic composite (WPC) bearing.

The PRT-02-30-WPC slewing ring bearing is another step forward by igus toward integrating renewable raw materials into industrial production. Made of 50% wood and 50% high-performance plastics, the cost-Source: igusSource: iguseffective and lubrication-free slewing ring bearing balances strength and durability with a proven low carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of just 0.0577 kg. By comparison, the PRT-02-30-ECO — already made from 97% regranulate — has a CO2 equivalent of 0.819868 kg.

The PRT-02-30-WPC slewing ring bearing consists of WPCs and iglide high-performance plastics. The materials incorporate solid lubricants, making the new slewing ring bearing smooth-running, lubrication-free and maintenance-free. Both the housing and the component are made of the WPC material, giving it a natural look for furniture applications.

Available in standard installation sizes, the low-weight, robust PRT-02-30-WPC is designed to allow for easy adjustment, making it ideal for many industrial applications.

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