Water technology innovator Badger Meter has launched BlueEdge, a customizable suite of solutions designed to drive visibility and optimization of water assets. With the availability of water quality and pressure monitoring alongside advanced software solutions. BlueEdge unifies Badger Meter products, software and services to help customers orchestrate end-to-end solutions to address water challenges.

By facilitating custom, scalable offerings that are designed to meet the changing needs of water utilities and industrial customers worldwide, BlueEdge addresses common challenges in water management, including distribution network monitoring, environmental monitoring, drinking water treatment, customer water usage, HVAC systems, industrial process, wastewater and facilities operation.

Through the BlueEdge suite of solutions, customers can monitor their water use with highly accurate and reliable meters, sensors, instruments and valves, enhanced by real-time data collection and transmission. Powerful software analytics and visualization tools deliver insights into water quality, usage patterns, asset performance and system health. This level of detail informs action, driving continuous improvement and expansion of a customer’s BlueEdge solution deployment.

BlueEdge in action: The city of Galveston, Texas

The City of Galveston, Texas, is using AMI network upgrades to move beyond the meter, managing water and wastewater pressure, quality and water supply across the island. As challenges were identified, solution architects from Badger Meter worked with city staff to deploy water quality and pressure monitoring technology for a holistic view of the water network.

Sensors and monitoring devices are deployed at strategic sites to capture the chemistry, clarity and disinfection levels of the water supply. This data is fed directly to BEACON SaaS and viewable alongside pressure and consumption data. Operators can utilize the near real-time data from BEACON to dose chemicals accurately and flush lines proactively.

BlueEdge has furthered system extensibility in Galveston, delivering:

  • An energy-efficient, cost-effective way to read water meters.
  • High-resolution data to identify potential network problems before they become emergencies.
  • Improved water conservation.
  • Improvements to utility operations.

Wherever water flows, BlueEdge can help improve operations with connected devices that deliver valuable insights. Backed by a supportive global team with best-in-class service, BlueEdge brings confidence to operations and enhances water management.

Meet BlueEdge at AWWA ACE24 in Anaheim, California, June 11 to June 13, 2024, in the Badger Meter booth (#2911).

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