Calibration technicians demand efficient, reliable oscilloscopes to reduce costly errors, delays, and safety issues. Given the complexity of these scopes – with thousands of test points – operators require an automated method to reduce testing time. The new Fluke 9500C High-Performance Oscilloscope Calibrator is designed to meet the demands of today’s technicians.

With a dedicated modern oscilloscope calibrator for professionals needing to cover workloads below 4 GHz accurately, reliably and efficiently, the 9500C features include simultaneous outputs on all channels, which increase test speed and efficiency, and eliminate lead changes. The 9500C also boasts improvements over its predecessor with better accuracy, a more robust Active Head Technology, updated hardware and software, and a modern color touch screen interface. The 9500C can be fully automated with MET/CAL software for hands-free operation.

Source: Fluke CalibrationSource: Fluke Calibration

The 9500C features technology innovations and performance improvements including:

  • A fully automated, multi-channel output for faster throughput and simultaneous measurements. The ability to actively drive all four heads at the same time with simultaneous output means faster test times and reduced operator interaction. Simply leave the scope plugged in and running for reduction in test and measurement time.
  • A more accurate signal to test a wide range of oscilloscopes gives users greater confidence that they have what they need to get the job done.
  • Plus, technicians can expand calibration abilities with Active Head Technology generating calibration signals right at the oscilloscope input.
  • Easy-to-use updated user interface with the familiarity of the 9500B, and greater reliability.
  • Removing many mechanical components from the heads, allowing for a removable and replaceable cable and connector.

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