An advanced computer code has been developed by NASA to support aeronautical engineers in the design of new aircraft systems. The Aviary code generates virtual models of airplanes with input on shape, range and other characteristics.

The digital modeling tool incorporates the strengths of legacy codes, including the Flight Optimization System and the General Aviation Synthesis Program. It also offers aerodynamic calculations from these programs and has the capability to use an aerodynamics deck as well as an aircraft engine deck. New code has been included to render Aviary extendable and compatible with other tools.

Instead of having to use built-in estimates for certain parameters such as a battery’s power level, as would be done with older simulation schemes, Aviary users can easily use data generated by other programs with specific information catered to batteries. The program also considers gradients -- how much a certain value affects another value when changed.

The free Aviary code is hosted on GitHub along with its key documentation.

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