NORD Drivesystems is returning to the 96th Annual American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference with their innovative solutions for the airport industry. This year’s exhibition takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, April 28t to May 1, 2024. Drive solutions from NORD are characterized by their long service life, high efficiency and quiet operation to transport baggage effectively and discretely from the check-in counter to the flight operations area.

Source: NORD DrivesystemsSource: NORD Drivesystems

NORD will be exhibiting these high-performance solutions at Booth 1121:

IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors
NORD’s IE5+ synchronous motors usher in a new era of high performance with one of the highest efficiencies currently available. They deliver performance of 0.5 hp to 5.0 hp, include an integrated encoder, and can optionally be configured with an integrated mechanical brake to provide further control of more demanding applications such as inclined conveyors. The compact, ventilated design offers high overload capacity and optimized heat dissipation ideal for baggage handling systems. When IE5+ motors are included in a drive system, their constant efficiency even at low speeds and partial loads significantly increases performance and reduces energy costs.

DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor
The DuoDrive is part of NORD’s high efficiency IE5+ product line that combines an IE5+ synchronous motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one compact housing. These innovative units have a power range from 0.5 hp to 4.0 hp, an extremely high gear efficiency of up to 92%, and full plug-&-play capabilities for quick commissioning. Thanks to the IE5+ motor, they deliver constant torque over a wide speed range to reduce system variants, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide a fast return on investment (ROI). With their high-power density and quiet operation, these drives are ideal for noise sensitive areas such as check-in counters.

NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives
NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives (VFDs) were developed to meet the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology. NORDAC ON VFDs are made for combination with IE3 motors while NORDAC ON+ VFDs are optimized for high efficiency IE5+ PMS motors. These drives intelligently control drive systems via an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface configurable for each drive parameter, enabling dynamic control, synchronization, and precise positioning. Full plug-&-play capabilities not only facilitate quick commissioning for industrial internet of things environments, but also make maintenance and system changes a breeze. The drives additionally offer a space saving design with either wall or motor mounting, full PLC functionality for drive-related functions, and can optionally include STO and SS1 integrated safety functions.

LogiDrive complete drive solution
NORD’s LogiDrive complete drive solution reduces planning and commissioning efforts with a standardized, service-friendly system tailored to industry standards and application requirements. Advanced versions with IE5+ synchronous motors address issues such as energy efficiency, variant reduction and TCO while basic versions with IE3 asynchronous motors primarily focus on cost efficiency. Decentralized VFDs can be motor or wall mounted in advanced versions and feature a range of optional modules to expand functionality. Simple installation, commissioning and service is possible thanks to plug-&-play abilities.

NORDBLOC.1 helical bevel gear units
Made from high-strength aluminum alloy and an open housing optimized for heat dissipation, NORDBLOC.1 two-stage helical bevel gear units provide reliable, efficient operation for conveying applications with high axial and radial loads. Their long service life, quiet operation and low maintenance requirements ensure baggage handling systems smoothly transport loads from one side of the airport terminal to the other with less downtime. A performance range of 0.16 hp to 12.5 hp and various shafts and mounting options to choose from enables versatility to precisely match specific application requirements.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P control cabinet VFDs offer tiered functionality with five frames sizes, performance from 0.33 hp to 30 hp and extensive module options. They utilize the latest technology to provide exceptional performance with integrated POSICON positioning to precisely control conveyors and prevent baggage from backing up, full PLC functionality for drive-related functions and an integrated multi-protocol industrial Ethernet interface configurable for each drive parameter. Easy operation is achieved via an optional Bluetooth interface with an SD memory card utilized as the parameter storage medium as well as for transfer of parameters and operating data. If power is disconnected, parameterization is still possible through a convenient USB interface. The VFDs additionally include motor brake management and lifting gear functionality to smoothly automate baggage handling systems.

Whether at the check-in counter, sorting, high-speed transport or baggage reclaim, NORD Drivesystems offers a high efficiency solution for baggage handling systems and airports. Visit them at Booth 1121 at AAAE.

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