Signatrol, a data logging manufacturer, has introduced its SL60 dLog, a range of low-cost, miniature button-style temperature or temperature and humidity data loggers, intended for drug storage and transportation.

According to the company, the self-contained and easy to use next generation SL60 data loggers work with Signatrol’s TempIT5 software and offer improvements on the company’s existing SL50, including more readings with a wider range of accuracy and resolution, and increased battery life of up to three years.

Source: SignatrolSource: Signatrol

Four SL60 data loggers in the range monitor temperature only, while two offer temperature and temperature and relative humidity. All can record up to 9,500 temperatures or 9,500 temperature and 9,500 relative humidity readings and allow users to read data even if the battery is exhausted, the company explained.

Further, ‘A’ versions of the SL60 range come with a UKAS ISO 17025 traceable calibration certificate, while it is optional on other data loggers in the range.

Developed for measuring the temperature and relative humidity in storage areas such as those for pharmaceuticals, the SL64TH reportedly features some improvements on the SL54TH. The temperature range is now -20° C to 70° C with accuracy of ±0.2° C to ±0.4° C and resolution now at 0.01° C. Humidity accuracy is now ±3.5%.

For more information, visit the Signatrol website.

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