Aggregate energy use data from more than 150,000 commercial and multi-family buildings in the U.S. can now be publicly accessed with a web-based tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Data Explorer system is intended to help building managers unlock potential savings based on data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the national energy benchmarking platform for commercial andSource: EPASource: EPA multifamily buildings.

Users can quickly understand how the energy use of buildings in Portfolio Manager varies based on the type of building, where it is located, its size and other key metrics. With access to a greater set of comparative metrics, owners and managers can gauge how their buildings perform relative to similar buildings in their area. Policymakers can also make use of energy use metrics at the local and state level to refine building performance policies.

Data in the Portfolio Manager Data Explorer is derived from EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Access a user’s guide for information on navigating this energy use intensity data bank.

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