ESPEC North America has refined and proven their expertise in building custom systems for vehicle testing. Environmental testing of automobiles requires additional consideration of the facility where the chamber will be installed, and its planned use. Test methods for vehicles can include additional conditions besides temperature and humidity in an attempt to simulate real-word conditions, leading to a much higher quality product for the marketplace.

Drive-in chambers are typically manufactured using panelized construction, but can use solid construction if testing requirements demand it. ESPEC customizes each drive-in to include sizing and features to suit the client's simulation requirements.

ESPEC NA's custom chambers also deliver a number of additional testing conditions including, but not limited to:
Chassis Dynamometer or Four-post road simulator: ESPEC builds special floor interfaces to allow use of these additional types of equipment supplied by other vendors.

Infrared Lighting: ESPEC builds infrared systems to create radiant surface heating of vehicles to look for deformation and other quality problems. These systems can be adjusted vertically and angled to ensure even coverage.

Running vehicle: From cold-start to high-heat stress, a running engine is a common need, but complicated requirement fresh air must be conditioned and introduced to the chamber to make up for that used in combustion. Also the exhaust must be safely removed from the chamber.

Easy-to-use Programmer: In addition, the P-300 programmer makes running an ESPEC environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand. The P-300 Touch Screen Controller can be managed remotely via our new Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller, serial port, or GP-IB/LabView.

Features for Drive-In Chambers:

  • Stainless steel interior
  • Heavy-duty flooring to support vehicles
  • Painted galvanized steel exterior for long life
  • Large doors
  • Special MAP system with larger refrigeration and additional airflow capability
  • MAP service doors are hinged (no tools or lifting)
  • Easy access to frequently checked refrigeration components
  • Customization to suit additional test requirements

ESPEC NA chambers are made in America and deliver the highest quality test technology and performance to clients and have forty years of proven results. So when warranty issues and field failures are not an option to your organization, start with the world's premier testing partner for all your testing needs, including total vehicle testing.