Let's be honest, dust testing requirements are dirty business that can be a pain and create an even larger mess, yet you're still required to follow through to meet spec... so ESPEC will get you there in a sharp, effective and tidy manner. This isn't your dad's dust-settling chamber of times past.

ESPEC dust chambers provide a low-mess solution to common settling dust test requirements for automotive components and electronics cabinets. Our deep W-shaped hopper provides better collection and dispersion dust without needing a vibration unit to shake the dust to the bottom of the collector. These chambers have a unique clamshell lid for easier, cleaner loading, compared with traditional top-loading designs. Optional reach-in glove ports allow rotating the test sample without opening the door. The touch screen controller allows setting the duration of the agitation, the settling time of the dust and the overall test time. The optional underpressure vacuum is also managed from the controller.

Standard Features:

  • All stainless steel construction for easy cleaning
  • Easy-access clamshell door with viewing window and light (powered lift for EDC-54 model)
  • W-shaped hopper for dust collection and dispersion
  • Mesh product shelf over the hopper
  • HEPA filter for exhaust air, flange provided for venting
  • 2 inch cable port
  • Touch-screen controller

Applicable Test Standards: Automotive standard for light fixtures SAE J575 and J2139 require settling dust test with Portland cement. ISO 20653 standard of Ingress Protection (IP) levels 5K and 6K require dust testing: IP 5K Dust shall only penetrate in quantities which do not impair performance and safety; IP 6K Dust shall not penetrate. The IEC 60068-2-68, method LA2 and 60529 IP tests may require underpressure of the test sample. The dust chambers can be used with all grades of Arizona road dust, talcum powder or Portland cement.

ESPEC offers a series of options that help you further customize the chamber to fit your exact needs. Explore the video to get a visual understanding of how this solution would help make your dirty [testing] jobs cleaner, more effective and more efficient.