Tech firm ABB has launched what it is calling their smallest industry robot ever.

ABB’s IRB 1010 is an industrial robot with a 5.2-inch footprint and a reach of 14.5 inches, designed for increasing production of small devices such as health trackers, smart watches, sensors and earphones in the manufacturing space.

Further, IRB 1010, which is 30% smaller than ABB’s second smallest robot, the IRB 120, can handle payloads up to 1.5 kg.

“The market for wearable smart devices is accelerating rapidly, with projections estimating double-digit growth between 2022 and 2028,” said Rui Liang, managing director of ABB Robotics’ electronics business line. “To meet this growth, companies are demanding compact robotic solutions that are suited to narrow production spaces in electronics manufacturing lines and that can accurately handle the small components used in wearable devices. As the most accurate robot in its class for 1.5 kg payloads, our IRB 1010 meets these demands, enabling companies to maximize output and productivity while maintaining the highest levels of product quality.”

For more on ABB’s IRB 1010, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of ABB.

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