A delivery and logistics firm has developed a new product for streamlining online grocery order fulfillment.

The Trace Grocery eCart from BrightDrop, a General Motors Co., is a temperature-controlled cart that enables grocery store employees to store grocery orders at the curb for customer pick up.

According to its developers, the eCart: can store items for up to four hours in a temperature controlled environment; features propulsion-assistance for moving up to 350 lb of groceries; includes auto-braking and nine compartments to enable item sorting; is flexible enough to navigate both inside and outside of stores; and is weatherproofed and can be deployed in various temperatures.

The eCart has already been trialed at the U.S. grocery chain Kroger where its use as reported by the company resulted in “noticeable improvement in the customer and associate experience.”

The Trace Grocery eCart is expected to be available in 2024.

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