Bolting challenges are easily mastered with online tools that simplify the calculation of torque and provide a quick means of determining fastener dimensions. These web applications from Nord-Lock allow the user to access such information directly from mobile devices.

The free Boltplus Bolt Load Calculation App assists in selecting the right hydraulic bolt-tensioning tool for a standard flange application, and custom tool and tensioner requests are welcome. The tool offers speed,Source: Nord-LockSource: Nord-Lock ease of use and the ability to save all the calculations against a project.

Also quick and simple to deploy, the Torquelator provides an easy way to calculate preload and torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock or the X-series washers. The user selects the preferred calculation method (Kellermann & Klein or VDI2230), bolt size (metric or imperial), bolt grade or the lubricant to get an instant torque value. This web application can be used on any mobile device, enabling completion of calculations onsite.

The Fastener Dimension Guide represents a simple way to find fastener dimensions based on ISO standards. This guide can help the user gather fastener data directly from a mobile device while performing bolted joint calculations. To find the fastener standard needed, select the ISO standard (ISO 4014, ISO 4017, ISO 4035, ISO 4762), bolt size and screw length.

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