Oil States Industries Inc., a provider of manufactured products and services for the energy sector, has announced its new Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Riser Gas Handling (RGH) System. The MPD and RGH System incorporates managed pressure drilling and riser gas handling into a deepwater drilling riser to enable greater speed, economy, performance and safety.

In traditional designs, disconnecting the lower marine riser package (LMRP) is necessary to perform maintenance and requires pulling the joint to the surface, thereby creating nonproductive time (NPT). The MPD and RGH System’s design features retrievable annular packers, which allow replacement and servicing in a matter of minutes — without disconnecting the LMRP — to dramatically reduce maintenance and NPT. The MPD and RGH are completely serviceable over the well center. The system also encourages long bearing life with FlexJoint technology to further decrease maintenance requirements.

The system includes key features that remove workers from the red zone to increase safety. A pull-in bridle connects flowlines and umbilical in one hands-free connection, creating a safer environment on the vessel while increasing reliability. It securely locks in place using a hydraulic connector. The MPD and RGH System also reduces trapped gas volume to just 1.8 barrels, compared to 47 barrels with traditional riser systems. Additionally, Oil States Industries’ MPD and RGH System can be integrated with existing risers from any original equipment manufacturer and can also be combined with the company’s fully automated, hands-free Merlin Marine Drilling Riser, which offers fast connection make-up in under 40 seconds, while also eliminating the need for personnel on the rig floor.

The MPD and RGH System also reduces the rig footprint by 40. The lightweight and compact design incorporates integral riser connections, removing the need for crossovers that add length, weight and labor costs. It can be made up with the riser spider and installed in minutes. The MPD and RGH System can be installed as a new system or a simple upgrade for existing systems.

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