This entry-level combined environment test system eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen, making basic HALT testing possible for customers and locations where traditional HALT systems just are not feasible. Whether liquid nitrogen is too difficult or costly to attain and maintain, or just not possible, this is your answer. (This system has an option for liquid nitrogen boost, by just using it during rapid thermal ramps, but can let the refrigeration take over for soak steps.)

The repetitive shock table creates a combined environment needed for full HALT testing. This all-in-one system brings together the proven, quality technologies from ESPEC and Qualmark product lines.

Standard features:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • P-300 touch screen controller
  • Web controller for remote monitoring and control
  • Left-hinged door with window and LED lighting
  • Vibration table with six degree of freedom, repetitive shock, OmniAxialTM broadband.
  • Uses four lubricant-free actuators
  • Cascade refrigeration with scroll compressors and electronic expansion valve control
  • Dry-air purge for dryness and positive pressure during cycling (nitrogen purge may be substituted)
  • The xLF2 table improves the power spectral density (PSD) stability, providing superior consistency and higher gRMS, and makes any adjustments for PSD drift easily manageable.

Included: Product temperature control

  • Monitors product temperature
  • Enables faster product change rates
  • Shortens testing time

During normal cycling tests, product temperature can lag behind air temperatures up to 20 degrees. The product temperature control is a valuable feature for high performance testing. This feature drives faster change rates by directly monitoring product temperature and automatically boosting air-temperature setpoints until the sample approaches the desired temperature. Contact ESPEC today to add this small powerhouse to your testing lineup.