Robotics and artificial intelligence firm Turing AI has announced the launch of its mobilized video security platform, the first to combine patrol robots and security camera solutions available on the market.

Additionally, the autonomous indoor patrolling Turing Robot, which features time-of-flight lidar, with a range of up to 40 m, HD IP cameras, a wide-view laser scanner, and environmental/gas detection scanners, can be operated remotely through mobile apps, and can be monitored from anywhere in the world through Turing's centralized monitoring system.

Source: Turing AISource: Turing AI

"Security and flexibility were important to our engineers when creating Turing Robot," said Albert Lin, senior vice president at Turing AI.

"With built-in real-time streaming capabilities, operators don't need to be tied to one location to monitor safety and security at their facility. Turing Robot's video feed can be accessed by the Turing Vision platform from anywhere in the world."

According to its developers, the Turing Robot can be easily combined with Turing Vision, Turing AI's safety and security platform. Powered by a variety of enterprise-grade algorithms, Turing Vision enables clients to search, receive alerts and analyze patterns of detections across all locations and historical data, including Turing Robot's livestream, without limitations.

"By connecting Turing Robot to their facility's new or legacy cameras, our clients get a first-person view of every camera linked to Turing Vision. The mobilized security platform of Turing Robot plus Turing Vision enables clients to improve operational efficiencies, increase safety, and get the most out of their camera infrastructure investments," said Ron Rothman, President of Turing AI.

"This means our partners who've already installed Turing Vision, as well as future partners, now have access to our fully-equipped mobilized security platform. This will enhance their end-users security experience through both Turing Vision's cameras, as well as the mobilized cameras on Turing Robot."

The Turing Robot is auto-docking and self-charging, extending battery life and ensuring 24/7 functionality. Internal tests show that after almost one week of hourly patrols, Turing Robot's battery experienced minimal degradation and maintained recharging times. Environmental safety can't be overlooked, and Turing Robot can be equipped with gas detection, as well as the ability to purify and sanitize the air in the event of a noxious occurrence.

For more on the mobilized video security platform, visit the Turing AI website.

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