A virtual power plant software platform developed by Swell Energy is designed to maximize revenue across multiple utility and customer value streams using optimization algorithms and machine learning models. The GridAmp system provides a differentiated ability to co-optimize multiple grid services to support a variety of energy objectives at the customer, utility and wholesale market levels. Distributed energy resources, such as solar and battery storage capacity, are aggregated into virtual power plants to deliver advanced grid capabilities to utilities.

The first GridAmp platform will be initially deployed to simultaneously balance three separate grid services — capacity build, capacity reduction and fast frequency response — to help Hawaiian Electric manage its energy supply. GridAmp will control multiple grid service operations with behind-the-meter solar-powered batteries within Swell’s Home Battery Rewards program, an 80 MW distributed virtual power plant being developed on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii islands.

Source: Swell EnergySource: Swell Energy

The distributed energy resources management program will be applied to absorb excess renewable energy from the grid as production spikes and dispatch energy when needed, thus reducing peak demand and providing fast frequency response to balance the three island grids.

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